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Digital Nerds – online programming contest for children and young people in IT



Digital Nerds - Concurs online de programare pentru copii și tineri!

I’m happy to share some great info from my good friend, the founder of Learnex robotics hub, Silvia Daniela Pohrib.

Starting with February, 8 2021, registrations are open for the Digital Nerds Contest – an online contest for children and teenagers between 7 and 23 years old who have programming skills. The contest will happen online in April 2021 and registration is open to young people from Romania and from other countries, as well.

Here’s about the categories of the contest … from the organisers themselves:

Juniors in Programming

Addressed to primary school children, it involves creating an application / game in any platform, using block programming with regards to the given topic.

Platform examples: AppInventor, Scratch, Microbit, CodeMonkey

Children in STEM

Addressed to young people in the gymnasium cycle, it proposes the creation of an application / game in a platform that allows you to write code. (You can choose any platform as long as the block programming function is NOT used).

Platform examples: Lua (for Roblox games), Swift Playgrounds, Tynker, etc.

Young people in IT

Divided into two subcategories, for high school and university students, whether you like applications (C, C ++, C #, Java), games (Unity) or embedded systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), the choice is yours. Participation is allowed in teams of up to 3 people. The only enemy is time, 3 days and a tailor-made challenge awaits you.


So, if you know a young talent, a future (and improved 🙂 ) Elon Musk, Steve Job, Bill Gates, etc…. do share this news and make sure they don’t miss this opportunity and register now:

Facebook Page Digital Nerds Contest 

Website Digital Nerds Contest

Also, while there are already several great partners involved, if you represent an organisation that is interested and able to join in this project, that’s an opportunity not to miss, as well.

PS – Yes, lest I forget: Learnex is one of the entrepreneurial projects funded through StartUp Nation, the Romanian grant scheme offered by the Government between 2017 and 2019 which I fully supported as Member in Parliament.

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